Omani engineer bags first rank in MENA

MUSCAT: Aisha bint Mubarak Al Badia, a young Omani petroleum reservoir engineer with the Research and Development Department of Daleel Petroleum Company, won first place in the Student Research Society competition in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) for the year 2022.

Aisha, who holds a master’s degree in oil and natural gas engineering, said: “This proves excellence of Omani students and their advance in all strata. My first rank is a proof that we have reached top level in Research and Development too. I’m glad of my becoming first in the Middle East and North Africa.”

This competition is held annually for the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students at the region level, then the winners of the first places qualify to compete at the world level.

“My research involves studying the effect of the structural variation of anionic carboxylic surfactants on changing the wettability and reducing the surface tension coefficient in carbonate rocks. It was very used in carbonate rocks, and most of its results were not satisfactory, so I conducted this project to obtain positive results by using this type of stress-reducing materials, and there is a plan to implement this project on a real model of carbonate rocks for one of the oil fields in the Sultanate,” she added.

Aisha revealed that she was the lone Omani competitor for the master’s student category, while the rest of the participants were from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait.

“There was stiff competition as each participant has a different distinctive research, and the way the project was presented and an expert jury evaluated,” she added.

“I feel proud and happy about my achievement and I am dedicating this performance to Omani youth. One can reach at the level of the Middle East and global level too. This also shows that the Omani youth are highly ambitious and have a passion for excellence, innovation and knowledge.” She pointed out.

With patience, perseverance and time management, the young Omani engineer was able to manage between her work and her studies.

“I used to go to (Sultan Qaboos) university to complete research after my work, so I had to keep my time organized and be patient to overcome the obstacles.

“Young people are the nation’s wealth, and they have to have hopes and ambitions. They are the first building block and they are the basic foundation for all peoples. No nation or civilization has developed without the help of its youth. Their important role in the development of their societies through various activities that are of great benefit to the members of society, and that they are gathered under one umbrella, rejecting everything that leads to division and Diaspora,” Aisha said and urged Omani youth should always persevere to benefit from all available sources of knowledge.

She also thanked Sultan Qaboos University, especially the Department of Petroleum Engineering and Natural Oil, the main supporter of its project, and Daleel Petroleum Company.

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