Omani engineer obtains patent for an air conditioning device

MUSCAT : The patent for this invention has been registered with the National Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva, and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

The idea of the invention is based on reducing atmospheric air pressure inside a closed space that contains a cooling medium, to which a certain percentage of antifreeze is added, as well as a chemical substance that is commensurate with the pressure and has a boiling point of water, or even less.

It causes the most active water molecules to evaporate in a boiling process that takes place within a temperature equal to that of the room, and with it the kinetic energy of the remaining molecules decreases. This, makes the temperature of the medium used for cooling drop below zero, which may sometimes reach negative 30 degrees celsius, after which begins the process of transferring the cool liquid from the chamber unit to the evaporator unit through closed and completely vacuumed copper tubes that contain deionized liquid.

The invention aims to get rid of refrigerant gases that are harmful to the environment and the ozone layer, as well as to get rid of external units that cause heat. The device is less expensive, as it does not contain external units; it is also economical in terms of energy consumption and maintenance, and its leakage rate is minimal.

This invention does not contain refrigerant gases, which makes it a futuristic and environmentally friendly alternative, given the components it contains, as it is used in air conditioning for homes and offices. It is hoped that it will be developed in the future in cars, factories, etc.

Captain Eng. Humaid bin Saeed Al Hinai is currently working on designing the first test model, and it will be displayed in the market as soon as the performance tests are completed.

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