Omani students invent eco-friendly filament for 3D printers

MUSCAT – The student company’s supervisor, Iman Ali Al Rahbia, stated that the idea of the product emerged from the large spread of 3D printers, which means an increase in the consumption of plastic filaments. Iman said that the outcome would be a shortage in supply in the Middle East region and a major rise in prices of the product, since most companies import filaments from North America, China and other countries.

Iman added that the yarns made by her company command high mechanical properties, which qualifies them to compete with the best yarns in the market. She explained that ECOF Company’s eco-friendly and biodegradable yarns have a competitive price, which spares the beneficiaries the hardship of importing the product from abroad and paying additional amounts for shipping. Regarding the company’s future plans, Iman pointed out that they are currently working on an integrated production line to produce and export yarns. This, she observed, would eventually provide many jobs and support the national economy.

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