Omani students ready for the new academic year

Muscat: Thousands of students are returning to schools for the new academic year beginning on Sunday.
For this, the Directorate General of Education in the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah is set to receive students for the school year 2022/2023 next Sunday.

In preparation for the new school year, the Directorate has completed all administrative and technical requirements, along with procedures for transfer of teachers, including the newly appointed teachers to various schools in the governorate.

The number of students at government schools in the Al Dakhiliyah Governorate is expected to reach 106,784, including 10,592 students for class (1) of basic education schools.

The total number of teachers, administrators and support staff  is 9,040, including 160 government schools and four evening schools.

Saif  bin Mubarak Al Jalandan, Director General at the Directorate General of Education in the Governorate said the organisation  has completed all preparations for receiving the students and is acquainted with advance preparations relating to administrative, technical and financial aspects through regular meetings with the directors of the departments concerned and other personnel at the Directorate.

He said the number of teachers deployed at the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah from other governorates of the Sultanate stood at 368, both male and female, while the number of teachers transferred from the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah to other governorates totaled 318 and the number of newly appointed teachers stood at 354.

It may be mentioned that the departments affiliated to the Directorate General of Education in the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah also confirmed their readiness and completion of the procedures related to maintenance and school buses and approval of the plan for training and qualifying the teaching and the administrative staff.

The departments also confirmed taking necessary actions relating to school activities, awareness and scouts activities along with completion of the procedures for issuance of new licences for private schools and renewal of expired licences.

— With inputs from ONA

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