Oman’s Asyad Group opens news commercial office in Singapore  

Muscat – This strategic move is aimed at enhancing its global presence and operational capacity in one of the most important global shipping centers, providing effective maritime shipping solutions to various international companies, and linking them with major commercial markets.

Dr. Ibrahim al Nadhairi, CEO of Asyad Shipping and Dry Dock Company, emphasized the group’s commitment to diversifying and modernizing its fleet to align with evolving maritime industry demands and global trade trends.

Asyad Shipping Company currently owns and operates a fleet of 85 multi-purpose vessels, ranking them among the top global players in crude oil tankers (18th), liquefied natural gas and oil tankers (21st), and container shipping (51st).

“The Singapore office serves as a strategic step to expand our business operations and global reach,” stated Kevin Ng, Director of the Asyad Shipping Company’s commercial office in Singapore. “We aim to provide efficient and reliable sea shipping services to our international clients, ultimately supporting the growth and needs of their businesses,” he added.

He further explained that the office establishment aligns with the global focus on improving and developing maritime shipping services to enhance international trade. Singapore’s pivotal role as a leading maritime commercial and logistical center made it a prime location for the new office.

Since its initial operations in 2023, the Singapore office has significantly grown its portfolio. Starting with managing nine ships, it has now expanded to oversee fifteen vessels transporting petroleum products and raw materials to global destinations.

He pointed out that recent times have witnessed a surge in demand for shipping petrochemical products from the Duqm Refinery to global markets, including Singapore, opening doors for potential trade cooperation between the two regions in sectors like liquefied natural gas and crude oil.

Highlighting the positive relationship with Singaporean authorities, Ng confirmed the office receives valuable support, including economic incentives and opportunities for experience exchange. Asyad Group remains dedicated to providing innovative and effective maritime shipping solutions, solidifying its position as a global leader in the industry and actively promoting the Sultanate of Oman as a key player in the global logistics landscape.

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