Oman’s ministry books 78 shops for non compliance with e-payment service

Muscat: The Ministry stated that it is continuing to carry out inspection campaigns on commercial stores across the country to ensure their compliance with the provision of electronic payment services for consumers.

“We affirm that the Ministry is continuing its inspection campaigns in various governorates by monitoring the commitment of commercial shops to provide the electronic payment service,” the MoCIIP had stated in an earlier announcement.

It had earlier pointed out that violation notices were issued to 444 commercial stores during the months of February and March in the Muscat Governorate.

“We are working with the Central Bank to overcome the challenges that delayed the merchant’s obtaining the device; coordination is currently underway with banks and companies to provide it faster to cover the demand,” the Ministry explained.

Commercial establishments and companies that did not comply with the provision were fined.

The Ministry is calling on the public to report any non-compliance of e-payment service. “Because you are an essential partner in our work system, and efforts are complemented by your cooperation with us, we are pleased to receive consumer communications through call center at 80000070.”

Consumers can contact the Ministry if there is no electronic payment service, if additional fees from the consumer for electronic payment, or if the device is hidden.

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