Oman’s Ministry enhances water security with dam upkeep and aflaj projects

MUSCAT : The Ministry’s proactive approach includes rigorous monitoring of all dams in Oman’s governorates to guarantee their operational integrity and effectiveness as vital water management structures. Additionally, targeted maintenance initiatives for aflaj systems, part of Oman’s rich water heritage, are underway in various governorates as outlined in a meticulously planned program.

Among the notable water infrastructure projects is the groundwater recharge dam in Wadi Imti, established in 2014. Positioned strategically along Wadi Halfin’s main stream, this dam is crucial in bolstering Izki’s groundwater reserve. Its approximately 0.7 million cubic meters storage capacity significantly contributes to water levels in nearby wells and aflaj systems, benefiting villages like Qarot Al-Janoubiyah, Imti, Al-Sadi, Al-Yemen, and Qalaat Al-Awamer.

Engineer Youssef bin Masoud bin Ali Al-Mandhari, Director of the Dams Department, emphasized that the Wadi Imti Dam’s construction aligns with broader objectives of enhancing water resources, particularly in agriculturally significant areas. Furthermore, Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Riyami, agent of the Royal Falaj, highlighted the remarkable impact of the dam on increasing water levels in the expansive Falaj system, emphasizing its critical role in sustaining agricultural productivity.

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