Oman’s National Search and Rescue Team returns from Turkey

MUSCAT: Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad bin Hamoud Al-Mahmoudi, the Team leader, stated that the team had carried out many search and rescue operations, provided emergency medical care to the injured, and found survivors under the rubble in several locations in the Turkish province of Hatay, despite the challenges that the team faced, such as aftershocks from time to time, traffic congestion and bitter cold.

He added that the Team possesses specialized cadres, including engineers and specialists in operations, communications, doctors and auxiliary medical personnel, as well as equipment and mechanisms for searching for survivors, with search cameras and audio sensors to survey the sites of collapse to sense vital signs of life under the rubble.

Richard Baldoni of the Italian Search and Rescue Team praised the efforts made by the Omani National Search and Rescue Team, which resulted in recovering victims alive. Similarly, Nabil Al-Shamli of the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) affirmed that Oman’s team is one of the best that they have dealt with as an advisory body in terms of organization, coordination and high professionalism that characterizes it, and responded to a number of communications in record time, culminating in the rescue of a number of people.

It is worth noting that the National Search and Rescue Team is one of the accredited international teams, having received the international badge in 2012 from INSARAG, and having participated in several incidents at the internal and external levels, including the search and rescue operations and the distribution of aid to the victims of the earthquake that struck the Republic of Nepal in 2015.

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