Oman’s ‘Price Observatory’ to provide database of over 750,000 commodities

MUSCAT – H.E. Salim bin Ali Al Hakmani, Chairman of CPA launched the online database, in the presence of Authority officials, at the head office, yesterday The price monitoring system aims to enhance customers’ shopping experiences in the listed commercial centres. It is designed to raise the level of consumer awareness, create a virtual consumer market that matches customers’ aspirations, and reinforce the need for a price monitor. It will also provide a safe and balanced market through updated price lists that enable control over the markets.

According to the Authority, the Price Observatory is the consumer’s virtual window to a balanced and safe shopping world with a few clicks on the screen. Customers can obtain prices of products and compare them with those in different outlets, which will act as a safeguard against fraud and excesses in the values of the original and confirmed prices that the Authority has monitored and provided through the Observatory.

The CPA expects this to have a positive impact on consumers and competing merchants, enabling permanent institutional control of goods and their prices, and ensuring that the markets are free from any excesses or price hikes.
The Authority plans to cover more outlets in Muscat and also introduce the system in all governorates of the Sultanate of Oman.
To view the price monitor, click the following link from CPA –

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