Oman’s telecommunication sector: Revenues cross RO 850 million, Omanisation reaches 94%

Muscat – The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), at the annual media meeting today, highlighted its 2023 projects, focused on important beneficiary complaints, and underscored its efforts to support small and medium-sized companies and Omanisation.

Statistics of Oman’s telecommunications sector show a 3 percent increase in mobile phone subscriptions, 5 percent in mobile broadband, 3 percent in fixed telephone, and 5 percent in fixed broadband during the year 2023, the TRA indicated. The number of licensed postal companies increased by 31 percent, reaching 63 companies in 2023, and the total number of workers on permanent contracts reached 1,676 workers, with an Omanization rate of 78 percent.

As far as complaints are concerned, TRA pointed out that the number of complaints submitted to it in 2023 saw an increase of 97 percent over the previous year, with a total of 2971 complaints; 48 percent of these complaints concerned mobile phone services, while 52 percent were about broadband services,
The Authority recovered more than RO 96,000 for beneficiaries of the telecommunications sector, and dealt with 41,000 enquiries on the platforms available to beneficiaries.

The total revenues of companies licensed in the postal sector in the Sultanate reached about RO 20.6 million by the end of 2023, an increase of 14 percent compared to 2022.

The most prominent projects completed during the past year were the controls for investment in the infrastructure of fiber optic networks, the requirements for preparing an emergency management plan in the telecommunications sector, and the issuance of controls for public auction procedures for mobile phone numbers.

The Authority also confirmed the completion of the early warning system in the coastal states in cooperation with the Civil Aviation Authority and operators, and the issuance of a first-class license to Starlink Muscat to provide fixed public telecommunications services.

During the current year, the Authority is focusing on improving telecommunications services for the sectors of education, health, tourism, industry, transportation, environmental sustainability for the telecommunications and postal sectors, and innovation, scientific research, and development in the field of communications.

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