Oman’s thriving shrimp farming sector set for expansion

MUSCAT : With an estimated investment value surpassing RO 134 million, this burgeoning industry holds economic growth and diversification promise.

Dr Issa bin Mohammed Al-Farsi, Director of the Fish Farming Development Department at the Ministry, highlighted the South Sharqiyah Governorate’s prominence in shrimp farming registrations. This acclaim stems from its expansive lands and coastal proximity, ideal for flourishing shrimp-fish farming endeavours.

Emphasizing the economic boon created by these ventures, Dr Al-Farsi underscored the role of shrimp farms in generating new trade opportunities for citizens. Local entrepreneurs, fish transporters, and small to medium enterprises now engage in direct shrimp sales within domestic markets or export them to neighbouring countries, fostering economic vitality.

Looking ahead, the Ministry outlines plans to fortify biosecurity measures within fish farms, expand export markets for Omani fish farming products, and elevate the value proposition of national aquaculture products. Additionally, it aims to bolster the local market with diverse, high-quality offerings from fish farming initiatives.

The Ministry has offered ten investment lands tailored for shrimp farming to attract further investment and amplify productivity. These endeavours aim to court foreign investments, oversee project developments, and enhance operational efficiency. Notable ongoing projects include the local fish project in Jaalan Bani Bu Ali, the Muscat Solutions and Systems Project in Mirbat, the Blue Aqua and Phoenix National Project in Shinas, and the Oman Fish Development Project in Mahut.

Anticipating future expansion, Dr Al-Farsi disclosed plans to inaugurate several projects in 2024, including phase two of the Oman Aquaculture Company project in Mirbat, the local fish project in Jaalan Bani Bu Ali featuring white-legged shrimp, and the Homeland Plants Project in Barka. Other ventures on the horizon encompass the Musandam Fish Farming Project in Khasab and the United Fish Farming Project in Seeb.

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