Oman’s Transport Ministry unveils plans for 2023 at 10th Media Forum

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technology shed light on the performance indicators of the transport and logistics sector for the year 2022, and the sector’s plan for 2023, at the 10th Media Forum.

Announcing the plans H.E. Eng. Said bin Hamood bin Said Al Mawali, Minister of Transport, Communications and Information Technology, said that the cost of constructing existing and new roads, maintaining and repairing roads damaged due to climatic conditions will amount to more than one billion Omani rials during the current year. The Ministry will implement and complete a number of logistical link roads with a length of more than 60 km and tourist link roads with a total length of 55 km.

He further added that the regular public transport buses in the Sultanate of Oman managed last year to transport more than 6.4 million passengers on the internal lines in the governorate of Muscat and the external lines heading to the various governorates.

He indicated that the estimated value of the number of tenders awarded in 2022 amounted to about OMR 230 million, of which OMR 208 million are in the transport and logistics sector and OMR 22 million in the information and communication technology sector.

He noted that the Ministry seeks to enhance import and export through Omani ports by increasing the movement of goods by no less than 7 percent annually, while increasing the container traffic rate by no less than 5 percent, and improving the indicators of the transport and logistics sector, road quality, and the efficiency of port services.

He also pointed out that the Ministry is working on developing e-government to boost Oman to the top 50 countries in the world, digitizing more than 200 government services, implementing more than 5 projects for the National Center for AI and Advanced Technologies, and qualifying more than 2,000 people as part of the ‘Makeen’ initiative to qualify digital competencies.

He clarified that the total lengths of the existing and new strategic road projects for the year 2023 amounted to more than 1,300 km, most notably the ‘Dibba – Lima – Khasab’ road, the completion of the coastal road ‘Barka – Al Suwaiq’, dualisation of ‘Haima – Thumrait’ and the strategic roads linking the state of Muqshin; dualisation of the ‘Raysut – Al-Mughsail’ road, ‘Ja’alan Bani Bu Ali – Ja’alan Bani Bu Hassan’ and the ‘Harweb – Al Mazyuna – Miten’ road.

Road works will also include dualisation of the Empty Quarter Road (the first phase), paving roads of the Khazaen Economic Zone, dualisation of the ‘Raysut – Al-Mughsail’ road, and an alternative road linking the south governorate Al Batinah with the wilayat of Jabal Akhdhar; paving the Jabal Shams road and Wadi Bani Jaber road (the second phase) and designing the ‘Shahab Asaib – Rakhyut’ road.

H.E. Eng. Khamis Al Shamakhi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology for Transport, said that in 2022 Omani ports received about 9,800 ships and 5.2 million containers, and the volume of bulk and general cargo increased to more than 90 million tons, and the number of tourists increased to 205 thousand tourists.

He stated that the ministry has attracted more than OMR 300 million in technology investments over the past year, represented in the green data center, the semiconductor company and the Amazon Company. He also explained that the Ministry plans to establish land ports in Empty Quarter and Al Buraimi governorates, and there are bids that will be launched soon in this regard.

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