Over 1,300 maintenance, repair projects implemented by Asyad Dry Dock in Duqm

MUSCAT – During 2022, Asyad Dry Dock carried out maintenance works for 221 ships, including periodic maintenance for 190 ships and implementation of other projects for 31 ships, which included the installation of new equipment and navigation aids that support the marine industry to make the life cycle of ships safe, reliable and sustainable, thus achieving a competitive number in the average period of time.
Vessel repair and maintenance took 14 days, compared to an average of 18 days for other regional basins.
Asyad Dry Dock also added shipbuilding services to its business portfolio, as it was able to provide services to the regional market by building ships with standard specifications for various uses such as shipping and navigational services to meet the growing needs of its customers.

The Asyad Group has developed an expansion plan for the 2023-2027 period, which includes the purchase of a floating dock, the construction of new workshops, warehouses and equipment, and a section specialized in shipbuilding, with a capacity of 20 percent for maintenance and repair services for various sizes and types of ships. The current dry dock area will be able to accommodate three floating docks in the future, which are characterized by lower construction costs and speed when building and manufacturing, compared to dry docks.

Dr. Ibrahim Bakhit Al Nadhiri, CEO of Maritime Transport and Dry Dock at Asyad Group, stated that the capabilities of the dry dock and the reliability of its services allow it to attract the largest operators and leading companies in the sector, as the competitive advantages enjoyed by the dock are unique and compatible with the requirements and needs of customers. The dry dock recently added a competitive advantage to its list of services by applying the ‘Nano Epoxy’ silicone coating technology in ship maintenance operations, in line with the Asyad Group’s strategy for sustainability, and its commitment to adapting the latest innovative environmentally friendly technologies. Asyad awarded the dry dock 60 percent of the total contracts concluded for the local market, of which 30 percent were directed to small and medium enterprises during the year 2022.

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