Over 2,000 schools to participate in sports day for schools in Oman

MUSCAT – More than 2,000 public, private and international schools are expected to participate in the event, targeting over 890,000 male and female students. Various groups in the educational field, including students, teachers, parents, school administrations and various workers, will be a part of the event.

The Sports Day aims to achieve the intended goals of spreading awareness on the importance of practicing sports, realizing the role of physical and motor activity in the advancement of societies, motivating the target groups to practice sports in a healthy and ideal atmosphere, refining students’ talents, developing their abilities and skills, and employing them for the benefit of the student, the school and the society.

The Sports Day also aims to gain physical fitness and permanent activity for different age groups, to consolidate exercise as a daily health path, to add an atmosphere of fun and to break the daily routine of students; to achieve harmony between students among themselves with faculty members and parents, and to promote the values of citizenship and social responsibility. The program will witness many sporting events – individual games such as athletics, table tennis, badminton, tennis, gymnastics, chess and bicycles, and group games such as volleyball, basketball, popular games, football and other games.

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