Power outage in Oman: Now, Nama forced to dismiss rumours

MUSCAT: Nama Group issued the second statement on the power outage in the governorates of the Sultanate of Oman.

The second came soon after the Group issued the first statement which blamed a technical failure in one of the transmission lines.

However, that came handy and fodder for social media mongers who fabricated the Nama group’s explanation for the power outage in Monday noon circulating wild reasons and guesses as actual reasons.

Some said it was due to the explosion of a power plant while another added that the outage was due to the level of gas while one even went on to blame it as a cyber attack.

Earlier, PDO were forced to fight away such rumours which said a fire broke at its Mina AL Fahal.

Nama vehemently said that these rumors are not true, and urged all to follow the official channels in order to verify the relevant news.

It stressed that work is underway to complete the return of the service to the rest of the affected areas.

Hassan bin Ali Al-Ajmi, director of commercial readiness at the group, confirmed that work is underway to restore power connection on an emergency level and said it will set up risk management strategies and ways to to avoid such problems in future.

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