Rainfall boosts Oman’s dam levels; Over 134 million cubic meters retained

Muscat: With a total accumulation exceeding 134 million cubic meters, these reservoirs are crucial in mitigating flood risks and ensuring water security across the Sultanate.

Engineer Nasser bin Mohammed Al Battashi, Director General of the Directorate General of Water Resources Evaluation at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Water Resources, highlighted the substantial capacity reached by several key dams. In the Wilayat of Quriyat, Muscat Governorate, the Wadi Dayqah Dam has reached its full 100 million cubic meters capacity. In contrast, in Al Dhahirah Governorate, the Al Salif Dam in Ibri Wilayat has reached a maximum of one million cubic meters.

Notably, other dams across various governorates have also experienced significant filling. In the Wilayat of Dhank, the Surur Dam reached its capacity of 1.29 million cubic meters. In Yanqul Wilayat, the Sudairiyeen Dam is now filled to its 0.24 million cubic meter capacity.

Moving to Buraimi Governorate, the Wilayat of Mahdha witnesses multiple dams reaching their full potential. Wadi Hayab, Masah, Abu Qala, Mahdha, and Al-Jawif Dams have collectively stored millions of cubic meters of water, ensuring resource availability for the region.

In North Al Sharqiyah Governorate, the dams of Al Qabil Wilayat have seen substantial water retention, with the Wadi Nam Dam alone holding 0.82 million cubic meters. Similarly, Qafifah and Warid Dams have stored significant volumes in Ibra Wilayat, reinforcing water security in the area.

The report extends to other governorates, including Al-Dakhiliyah, South Al-Batinah, and Musandam, where dams like Wadi Ghul, Al-Awabi, and Al Sarooj have experienced notable filling, showcasing the widespread impact of the rainfall surge.

However, amidst this deluge, the Protection Dam in Sur Wilayat, South Al Sharqiyah Governorate, stands out with a storage of 8.56 million cubic meters, emphasizing its critical role in flood control. Furthermore, opening one of its gates highlights the management strategies employed to maintain water balance and mitigate flood risks effectively.

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