Real estate deals in Oman touches OMR 213 million

MUSCAT : A report issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning indicated that the value of real estate transactions in the Sultanate of Oman during July 2022, reached OMR 213.1 million. Of those, OMR 136 million are as mortgages, OMR 74 million as sales and OMR 2.1 million as swap contracts.

Fees collected for completed legal transactions amounted to OMR 4.2 million, of which OMR 996,400 were collected for mortgages, OMR 43,500 for swap contracts and OMR 1.6 million for sale contracts.

Total legal transactions amounted to 8,295, including 4,136 sale contracts, 82 swap contracts, 1,349 mortgage contracts, 1,155 grant contracts, 265 inheritance contracts, 615 mortgage release contracts and 693 dividing contracts.

The number of title deeds issued during July 2022 reached 15,087 titles in all governorates of the Sultanate of Oman distributed as 3,075 titles in Muscat, 944 in Dhofar, 129 in Musandam, 337 in Al Buraimi, 2,061 in A’Dakhiliyah, 2,720 in North Al Batinah, 2,399 in South Al Batinah, 899 in South A’Sharqiyah, 1,090 in North A’Sharqiyah, 1,297 in A’Dhahirah and 136 in Al Wusta.

As many as 39 titles were issued for citizens of GCC countries, of which the highest percentage concentrated in the Governorate of Muscat, followed by North Al Batinah and South Al Batinah.

As for plots of lands registered for the first time, the total number amounted to 3,216 plots and the number of applications for proof and registration of ownerships reached 1,483.

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