Restoration and maintenance of Oman-French Museum

MUSCAT – The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism has initiated work on the first phase of the restoration and maintenance of the Omani-French Museum, which includes the removal of external wall cladding to follow best international practices in the process of restoring historical buildings. The museum, which was opened to visitors in 1992, is located in the Wilayat of Muttrah in the Muscat Governorate. It is located in an ancient house, about 170 years old. It consists of 8 halls and includes a collection of documents and collectibles that chronicle the Omani-French relations dating back to the eighteenth century.

Prior to the restoration work, the Ministry carried out laboratory testing of the building and its structural condition, and accordingly, appropriate work mechanism and scope of work was established in line with the nature of the building to ensure its sustainability. The ministry is also working through the proposed restoration process to ensure reuse of traditional and approved construction and restoration materials and methods in ancient buildings, in a way that preserves the originality and integrity of the building in the future. This project comes as part of the ministry’s efforts to develop and rehabilitate existing museums, in order to achieve Oman’s vision 2040 and its strategic objectives.

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