Royal Academy launches third edition of Etimad program to empower Omani leaders

Muscat: Dr Yasmine Bint Shanan Al Balushi, Director of the Leadership Development Center at the Royal Academy, highlighted Etimad’s success in cultivating distinguished Omani leaders. Previous editions have contributed to developing national leaders equipped with modern competencies, enhancing the capabilities of workers, and preparing them to tackle emerging challenges.

Etimad is celebrated as a pioneering initiative focused on investing in and developing national talents. It aims to hone their skills, ensuring a steady supply of capable leaders for the private sector and the evolving Omani market. The program offers a comprehensive training approach, including in-person and remote learning units, group projects, leadership camps, and development circles. Follow-up assessments track graduates’ career progress and companies’ effective investment in Omani talents.

Implemented in partnership with Emirates and collaboration with Columbia Business School, Dartmouth’s Tech Executive Education Program, and MIT’s Executive Education School of Management, Etimad stands out for its diverse training modules. These include digital business strategies, financial data analysis, creative thinking, leadership, and innovation management. The seven-month program features four educational units, practical workshops, virtual learning, and group projects.

Targeting employees with intermediate leadership experience, such as department or team managers in the private sector, Etimad selected participants from over 3,400 applicants through rigorous testing and interviews. This meticulous selection process ensures that only the most qualified individuals are chosen.

Since its inception, the Etimad Program has graduated approximately 750 participants, significantly contributing to Oman’s economic development and the goals of Oman Vision 2040 by providing the local market with skilled leaders to manage various development and economic projects.

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