Shura Council reviews ministerial responses

Muscat: The Shura Council reviewed a number of reports and ministerial responses and referred a number of follow-up tools to the authorities concerned.

“This morning (Wednesday) the Shura Council office reviewed the Cabinet’s speech regarding a number of ministerial annual reports for the year 2021, which included a summary of what was accomplished during the year 2021, the most important projects that have been implemented, future strategic plans, and a number of statistics, and the office decided to refer them to the committees. The competent authority and the technical office will study it and consider its compatibility with Article 55 of the Law of the Council of Oman,” Shura Council said.

The office also reviewed the response of His Excellency the Minister of Housing and Urban Planning to the request for briefing submitted on “Transferring the applications of the housing loan and aid programme to the Sorouh initiative.” The response included a statement that the procedures for offering three sites to investors had been completed, and work is underway to finalise the procedures for other sites, taking into account the allocation of Part of the housing units of Sorouh projects for the housing aid programme, in addition to its response to the request for briefing submitted on usufruct lands, which included a detailed explanation of the measures taken by the ministry in order to recover the amounts owed to the state’s public treasury for the period (2016-2020), and a detailed disclosure the usufruct contracts registered in the Land Information System and the mechanism used to allocate usufruct lands and determine the appropriate purposes for use, ending with the Ministry’s procedures to cancel usufruct contracts for beneficiaries who have not started implementing or benefiting from any projects on them.

This came during the sixteenth regular meeting of the Shura Council’s office, chaired by His Excellency Khalid bin Hilal Al Maawali, Chairman of the Council, and in the presence of Their Excellencies members of the Shura Council’s office and His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed Al Nadabi, Secretary General of the Council.

During its meeting, the office reviewed the Cabinet’s response to the council’s desire to impose fees for cutting and reconnecting the water service. The response included a statement that the issue had previously been discussed in one of the Cabinet’s sessions, and approved the amendment of fees to be in the amount of seven Omani riyals and five hundred baisa each.

The office also reviewed the response of the Minister of Education to the request for briefing submitted on 76 public schools in the various governorates of the Sultanate, which stated that the terms of the investment agreement to be concluded to establish 43 public schools only, and their economic feasibility are within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance.

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