Star of Science: Oman’s Sumaya qualifies for engineering stage

MUSCAT:  The Omani innovator Sumaya bint Saeed Al Siyabiya qualified for the engineering stage in the Stars of Science program organized by Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development for her scientific innovation in the environmental field ‘biological analysis of microplastics in a new way of biological and nanotechnology’.

The Omani innovator told the Oman News Agency:  “My qualification for the next stage came after my success in the scientific proof stage of innovation before the jury, where I was able to convince them of the initial results of the innovation that showed a rapid change in the functional groups of plastic molecules using the ‘FTIR’ device.”

The idea of ​​scientific innovation in the environmental field lies in a drone that is able to know the places of plastic pollution with artificial intelligence technology through a camera, and spread a liquid substance made of bacteria in areas of plastic pollution and know the places of pollution in the marine environment, where Sumaya was able to prepare chemicals in the laboratory, extraction of bacteria and monitoring the disposal of microplastics by measuring the emission rate of (co2) using a special device.

The Stars of Science is one of the leading programs in the Arab world and focuses on innovation in order to support and encourage aspiring entrepreneurs in the field of science and technology in the region. The idea of ​​the program is to allow innovations to be evaluated and developed through several competitive rounds to qualify for the final qualifying stage of the programme.

The 14th edition of Stars of Science is broadcast on Friday and Saturday of every week through six Arab channels and the YouTube platform, and will continue until October 14.

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