Tariq Al Barwani steps down, Dr. Yasmin Al Bulushi named new Chairperson of Knowledge Oman

MUSCAT: Knowledge Oman, the award-winning community knowledge sharing platform in the Sultanate, has named Dr. Yasmin Al Bulushi as its new Chairperson, while platform’s founder Tariq Hilal Al Barwani will step down as chairman to assume a new role as a “community adviser” effective from September 2022.

Under Tariq’s leadership, Knowledge Oman has managed to create 74 projects since 2008 that attracted 700 volunteers, working closely with 35 local and international partners, that have impacted 45 institutions, and over 1.3 million people positively in Oman. Tariq’s leave is part of the on-going community leadership development opportunities Knowledge Oman has been following since inception.

“There is no better person to lead Knowledge Oman’s next wave of impact and especially in the area of bridging the gap between education, knowledge, professional life and the community than Dr Yasmin Al Bulushi whom I had personally worked with when I served on the board of advisors at one of the leading private colleges in the country. Though I will leave my current role as Chairman but will remain as an advisor to the platform” said Tariq Al Barwani who founded Knowledge Oman in 2008.

Dr. Yasmin Al Bulushi was the first female dean appointed in private higher education in the Sultanate. She was the dean of Muscat College, prior to that she was the Assistant dean for Academic Support and Students’ Affairs in the College of Banking and Financial Studies, Oman.

Dr. Yasmin is currently the Project Manager for “Eitmad”,A National project to upskill and empower the Omani nationals to middle and top management roles in the private sector. She is also the Project Manager for the national project to upskill and empower the Omani nationals in the middle management in the public sector “Developing Leaders and future Foresight” under the Royal Academy of Management (RAM). Dr Yasmin has extensive experience in the field of education, language, training, research & management.

“Knowledge Oman’s impact for the community over the past 14 years is exemplary, and Tariq’s contribution in leading and sustaining the progress of the platform is noteworthy. I am honored to be chosen to lead the next wave of impact that would bring profound value in knowledge-sharing to the public in general, and the youth in specific” expressed Dr Yasmin Al Bulushi who will be working closely with the current running President Ms Baqlees Al Hassani.

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