TAS Weekly-Dr. Hafsa Banu: Oman’s International Action Art President

Muscat: “I feel honoured to be chosen for the position of President for Oman Department of International Action Art (IAA), endorsed by UNESCO,” says Dr. Hafsa Banu, Managing Director of White Smile Dental Speciality Clinic in Qurum, expressing gratitude to ‘Madam Sultana Kazim, Global Ambassador for 80 countries of UNESCO IAA’ who nominated her for this esteemed status.

“I am immensely thankful to the President of the IAA organisation in Greece, who assigned me this position,” she added.

IAA is a non-profit organisation that aims to preserve, rescue, disseminate and protect traditional and modern culture, facilitate exchange and circulation of cultural information and ideas.

It was Dr. Hafsa’s growing popularity as a unique string artist that won her recognition from the international organisation. A self-taught artist, she has created several works of art over the years using string and nails – an art form that has been around since the 1960s. She got inspired to take up string art as a medium of expression following her son’s school project, she notes.

Despite being a full-time practicing dentist, she has made time to participate in a host of art exhibitions and events, locally as well as internationally in the UAE, Bahrain, India, UK, France and Canada. She has won the American Art award twice for mixed media, as well as the honourable mention from Museum of Americas.

She has equally embraced community service initiatives – from donating artworks for Breast Cancer Awareness, COVID 19 fund and Palestinian relief to conducting art talks for school children and women’s associations and partaking in charity art exhibitions and art initiatives.

Dr. Hafsa believes in “Diversifying globally, yet staying connected through art.”

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