Tourism ministry’s introduces new edition of Omani archaeological heritage series

Muscat – This latest edition, 11th volume in the collection of ‘The Archaeological Heritage’ of Oman series, has been printed simultaneously in two exact copies for Oman and international markets.

The first issue is being marketed and distributed internationally in cooperation with the International House of Archeology, headquartered in Oxford, United Kingdom. The second was issued in the Sultanate of Oman prior to the launch of the current session of the Muscat International Book Fair 2024.
This comprehensive scientific publication deals with the ancient history of the coastal city of Qalhat, which dates back to the middle ages and is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in Oman. It remained shrouded in mystery for a long time until the Ministry launched a major research initiative in 2008.

The scientific content of this volume is divided into eleven chapters that have been thoroughly and systematically researched and cover various aspects of Qalhat’s history and archaeological heritage.

Between the rise and fall of the Omani port city through its heavily fortified buildings and complex urban planning in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the research delves into the city’s past and provides a comprehensive understanding of its development.

The research also includes surface surveys and excavations that reveal the layout, chronology, and different neighborhoods of the city. The discoveries and excavations include a number of prominent landmarks, such as mosques, fortifications, water systems, and economic activities, which paint a vivid picture of the city’s wealth and cosmopolitan character.

The author of the book is a member of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS); she led the team working on this ambitious project in cooperation with the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, which shed unprecedented light on the history of this ancient coastal city.

Professor Rougeulle’s experience and specialized work in the history of trade in the eastern Islamic world and the Indian Ocean – specifically in medieval port cities – brings a unique perspective to this research. This qualitative joint cooperation between the Ministry and Professor Rougeulle also contributed to its inclusion on the list of World Heritage Sites of the UNESCO in 2018.

The book is available at the pavilion of the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism at the Muscat International Book Fair 2024

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