Training courses approved to streamline government services in Oman

MUSCAT : Officials at government departments have approved the outcomes of 8 user training courses out of a scheduled 14 courses within the context of a drive to streamline government procedures.

The outcomes endorsed were part of the third phase of a plan targeting the streamlining of 45 services within 14 training courses being carried out through Manjam Labs.

The outcomes approved included those of a course on registration of newborns, a household care initiative on streamlining services for the elderly, a course for trainees entrusted with implementing socio-religious obligations, a course on care and services for the disabled, a course on protecting childhood and addressing the issues of abuse, a course to deal with post-mortem services and a course on registering official service periods and recognizing related fiscal dues.

In the third phase, the drive benefits a number of government institutions, including: the Ministry of Health, the Supreme Judiciary Council, the Social Protection Fund, the Royal Oman Police, the Foreign Ministry, municipalities, the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Education, the Security and Military Services Retirement Fund, the Ministry of Labour, the Central Bank of Oman (and private banks), Petroleum Development Oman, the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs and the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs.

The labs introduced many improvements that included providing a “one-time request submission” that covers a set of services provided within one package to be made available to the beneficiary within the shortest possible time. The improvements also include the introduction of a set of services provided proactively without the need for the beneficiary to request them.

Related recommendations focused on reconsidering the laws and legislation related to these training courses, lending stronger backing for the human resources specialized in the related domains and providing and integrating data among government departments, besides organizing roles and competencies among the relevant institutions.

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