Travel companies laud Oman’s charm at ‘World Travel Week – Middle East’

Muscat: Participating travel and tourism companies at the “World Travel Week – Middle East,” organized by the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, admired Oman’s tourism development, citing its diverse attractions and the government’s commitment to sustainable growth. Notably, the selection of Sur as the capital of Arab tourism for 2024 stands as a testament to Oman’s expanding prominence in the global tourism landscape.

Ayman Al-Qudwa, a travel and tourism expert from Qatar, commended Oman’s progress, attributing it to the nation’s focus on sustainable sectors and economic diversification. Highlighting Oman’s moderate climate and varied landscapes, he underscored the appeal of destinations like Jabal Al-Akhdar and Dhofar, which attract visitors year-round.

Veronica Nabori, representing South America, lauded Oman’s popularity among tourists from her region, emphasizing its scenic beauty and diverse attractions. She emphasized the importance of communication initiatives in promoting Oman’s tourism potential internationally.

Glenn Johnston, Vice President of Aviareps, hailed Oman’s rich historical and cultural heritage, noting its allure for global tourists. He predicted a surge in tourism during the upcoming Dhofar autumn season, foreseeing increased cooperation between international and Omani tourism companies.

Rahul Sukhramani, Director of Sales at the St. Regis Resort, highlighted Oman’s environmental diversity and expanding hotel facilities, catering to diverse visitor preferences. He reported a surge in demand from European tourists and outlined tailored visit programs for Oman’s key attractions.

Government statistics underscored Oman’s tourism boom, with a notable increase in tourist arrivals, airport passengers, and hotel revenues.

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