Two month ban on fishing, trading of kingfish in Oman

MUSCAT : Violators of the two-month ban will face penalties ranging from fines of up to OMR 300 and/or imprisonment (10 days to a month), as well as confiscation of the catch.

As per the Ministerial Resolution No. 230/2014, the annual ban on fishing and trading of kingfish will continue until October 15. The Resolution prohibits catching kingfish during the fertilization and natural breeding seasons, which start from August 15 until October 15 of each year. It also prohibits trade (including buying and selling, transporting, storing and exporting, and all related activities) and bans fishing of kingfish whose length is less than 65 centimeters, requiring fishermen to immediately return the fish (whose length is less than the length prohibited for fishing) to the sea.

It also requires institutions and companies that have kingfish to register these quantities at the end of each fishing season with the fisheries departments in the governorates.

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