Two Omani women develop smart water meter

MUSCAT: Rayan Al-Kalbaniyah told Oman News Agency that the innovation was designed to record water consumption readings and display them in a control panel on a special site that under the name of ‘IoT Manager Oman’.

She explained that the control panel records daily water consumption statistics with time and date, and displays them in a detailed table. Through the dashboard, the water valve can be opened and closed remotely.

She stated that a special system has been tried to reduce excessive consumption of water. “When the daily water consumption reaches a certain limit, alarms are sent to the user’s control panel to warn, as the device is linked to the control panel through the NB-IOT network provided to us by Omantel… Work on the project lasted about 6 months and went through several stages; with the help of some Ericsson experts, we searched for available options and versions of water metering devices in the market,” she added.

Mawaddah Al-Khayaria said that the importance of the project lies in facilitating the process of monitoring water consumption for individuals and homes. She added that the smart device can also solve the problem of water leakage – when monitoring and comparing water consumption measurements, it can identify the possibility of a water leakage problem.

The two innovators seek to develop the features in the control panel so as to facilitate the process of monitoring water consumption, searching for possible applications that the project may contribute to, and expanding the range of problems that the device contributes to solving in various areas of daily life.

It is noteworthy that this project came as a result of the Internet of Things Applications Program, one of the programs of the Center of Excellence for Advanced Telecommunications Technology and the Internet of Things.

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