Unveiled: ‘Oman in focus’ documentary

MUSCAT: The details of the Omani documentary film ‘Oman in Focus’, which deals with the environmental and tourism sector in the Sultanate of Oman, were revealed on Sunday at the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism.

Maysa bint Fahd Al-Houtia, Executive Director of the Oman Project, said that the work is the result of continuous efforts of two consecutive years amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the team was able to complete the task to the fullest by making a two-hour duration documentary in three languages – Arabic, English and French.

She added that the main goal of making the documentary is to show the environmental aspects of tourism that have not been able to shed light and are characterized by the diversity between the plain, the mountain and the depth of the sea, and it also targets marine and wild creatures, especially those endangered.

She explained that to make the documentary she has hired a professional team from South Africa who are familiar with animals and rugged places like in the Sultanate such as governorates of Muscat, Dhofar, Musandam and Al Wusta, in addition to the Arabian Sea.

She pointed out some of the challenges that faced the team during the shooting of the documentary was how to deal with some animals, especially predatory ones, in addition to staying in some locations for more than a month in order to get a desired shot for the documentary.

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