Volume of investments in Oman’s Mahas Industrial City reaches OMR 40 million

Muscat – The volume of investments in the City reached OMR 40 million by the end of the first half, marking a growth rate of 5.3% compared to the corresponding period in 2022.
Mahas Industrial City has successfully attracted and expanded five investment projects this year, covering a total area of 50,000sqm, which has resulted in the overall leased area reaching approximately 191,500sqm. Moreover, the workforce in Mahas Industrial City has touched 236, with an Omanisation rate of 40%.

Mubarak Salim Al Ghailani, Acting Director General of Mahas Industrial City, said that the road and infrastructure project in the industrial city is on track and has achieved a completion rate of 50% as of this August.

Al Ghailani highlighted the successful completion of all concrete works for the main entrance bridge, which connects the industrial city to the main road. Moreover, the excavation, expansion, and preparation of the main channel to protect against rainwater and floods, along with the construction of protection walls, have been completed. A significant part of the main roads’ preparation and foundation works for the main water tank, and water, emergency and sewage pipelines, have also been completed. The entire project is expected to be fully completed and delivered by the middle of 2024.

The project being developed on an area of one million square meters, at a total cost of approximately OMR 5 million, incorporates the construction of a 75-meter bridge linking the entrance of the industrial city to the main road; an internal road network of 7 km; rainwater drainage channels and protection walls with a width of 20 meters and a length of 4 km; electricity, telecom, water and sewage networks; main water tank with a capacity of 1,000 cubic meters; sewage collection tank with a capacity of 1,000 cubic meters; and the installation of 100 solar powered pole lights.

This project aims at providing world class, appealing and dynamic investment environment through implementing road and infrastructure projects that meet international standards and specifications, providing essential services and facilities for investors, improving traffic flow and enhancing the overall scenery of the industrial city. These developments highlight the industrial city’s thriving landscape and its positive impact on the economic growth, making it an ideal destination for investments and businesses.
Mahas Industrial City covers a total area of 1,548,821sqm and is designated for light and medium industries, in addition to logistics, warehouses, technical services, commercial and residential activities, among other activities.

He added that, “Mahas Industrial City aims at localising a variety of projects including fish processing, water purification, beverage bottling, boat and shipbuilding, fiberglass products, building materials, furniture, textiles, recycling industries, import-export warehouses and commercial activities, among others.”

Al Ghailani said, “Mahas Industrial City is currently home to several factories and companies operating in the manufacturing of building materials like ready-mix concrete, asphalt and artificial stone products, animal feed, poultry, commercial warehouses, electricity generation facilities, and several key projects that will be announced soon.”

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