Wadi Al Hajar one of the important tourist attractions in Oman

Muscat: Wadi Al Hajar is one of the important tourist attractions in the Wilayat of Ibri. With the return of water in the valley, the destination is witness to a robust tourist inflow.

Wadi Al Hajar sits in the lap of the mountains of the Wilayat of Ibri in Al Dhahirah Governorate and is one of the most important tourist attractions in the Governorate. Tourism revived in the region after the return of water in the valley and filling of the Wadi Dam, with its abundant and clear water making it a treat to the eyes of the visitor.

Wadi Al Hajar is about 50km from the centre of Ibri Wilayat, where the valley is characterised by abundance of Sidr and palm trees and lack of ruggedness, in addition to the easily negotiable road leading to it.

This entices tourists from various wilayats of the Governorate and from abroad as well.

Wadi Al Hajar, famous for its fields and farms irrigated by the aflaj flowing through it, can be reached through the town of Driz, Bat and Al Bana.

Water streams and valleys in the region attract tourists, especially after the rains that various governorates in the Sultanate witnessed recently, after a brief interregnum of tourist activities due to lack of rains and exposure of the area to drought.

Domestic tourist traffic gathers momentum, especially during the summer holidays, for recreation, relaxation and entertainment.

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