Warmth of winter welcomes tourists to Muscat

Muscat: When the night falls, Muscat wears a bright look with shimmering lights all around, with its cultural and knowledge centres, tourist and entertainment facilities extending their arms to receive visitors.

With the onset of winter, the city prepares for an exceptional experience, attracting tourists from all countries of the world, as the city remains the warmest in the region.

Among its exquisitely designed buildings lie a beauty that attracts the attention of visitors, especially during the evenings, with its quiet lights, elegant corridors and other facilities, which give the tourist an opportunity to approach its aesthetic details.

In the heart of Muscat, in the middle of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, one of the most prominent Islamic landmarks, the mosque’s library is one of the most important sources of knowledge for students and researchers.

Many researchers and students visit the library daily in order to benefit from the reference material and its resources. In turn, the library provides all services to reviewers, providing them with an atmosphere of calm and places designated for reading and reviewing.

On the other hand, the experience of the traditional markets in the Governorate of Muscat seems different, as the fragrance of Omani frankincense is scattered with its scent spreading around  all corners of the place, and the voices of sellers rise to attract buyers amid hectic buying activities witnessed by the ancient Muttrah market.

It is one of the most famous and popular markets covered with exquisite shapes in which goods vary and there are many options. Muscat has undergone many developments in different stages to become a vibrant commercial oasis.

On Sultan Qaboos Street, the Royal Opera House Muscat is one of the finest cultural and artistic centres with its splendour that mimics the grandeur of Omani castles — an enriching cultural and artistic experience with a theatre that matches the largest theaters in the world. It also includes a shopping centre that contains many restaurants and international brands, and gardens designed in a unique style that gives the visitor a unique visual enjoyment.

As for other commercial centres, they offer the visitor a variety of options between cinemas that show the latest international films and their cafes, in which Omani youth have invested as part of investment in the small and medium enterprises, which have become one of the most enjoyable places where the visitor spends his quiet times.

The Sea of Oman, whose waves wash the golden sands of Muscat’s beaches back and forth, tells stories of near and far. A visitor in Bandar Al-Rawdhah can experience the silence of the night in Muscat through a cruise accompanied by the stars of the clear sky, while the boat slides in calm waves. Omani politics and its wisdom give the tourist a feeling of safety, tranquility and reassurance.

The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism is working to make the winter tourist season exceptional, especially with the warm weather that characterises the Sultanate of Oman compared to other countries in the region, as well as the diversity of terrain, which adds more beauty to it, with the aim of stimulating the tourism movement and raising the occupancy rate of hotel establishments.

In the same month, the ministry will organise a number of introductory trips for tourism companies from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, India and Italy.

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