We Love Oman: An ancient village amidst majestic mountains in Rustaq

Sini is one of the largest villages in the Wilayat of Rustaq  in the Governorate of South Al Batinah. It is located in the southwest of Wadi Bani Ghafer, amid tall mountains extending to the Western Al Hajar chain that connect to Al Dhahirah Governorate, 60 km from the centre of the wilayat.

Sini village has a long history, it is an ancient village and has many monuments for tribal gatherings.
“The name of the village means ‘the high place’ because it is located at a height from the villages on the banks of the famous Wadi” Sadaq”, and according to people, its name originates from Sana al-Ain or stability, as it is surrounded by mountains from three directions and is fortified with towers in addition to falajes that continue to run throughout the year without drying out.”

“The village is rich in ancient heritage and there are many defensive fortifications, such as the four towers that surround it, in addition to the Bait Al-Hajrah castle, and there are rock houses spread throughout the village in its plains and mountains.”

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