We Love Oman: For the love of dates

Oman is known for its unique hospitality and it is common for visitors to be invited for Omani coffee and dates when travelling through the country. Be it any household or an office, guests are welcomed with home-grown dates and traditionally brewed drinks called ‘Kahwa.

One can find many date palm fields across many governorates in the Sultanate and farmers grow more than 250 indigenous varieties of dates. Khalas, Khunaizi, and Fargh are some of the best dates grown in Oman.  While Al Khalas is believed to be of the best quality, other varieties  like Nagal, Ash Patash, Bunaranja, Mmajdool, Hilali al Hassa, Barni, and Mathloob are quite in demand.

Though it is grown in almost most parts of Oman, Nizwa and Suwaiq are the main centres of date farming.Other notable places from where dates are brought are Sumail, Bidbid, Dima wa’ Tayeen, Ibra, Samad A’Shan, and Al Rowdha.

Known for their  nutritional value and health benefits, it is rich in fibre, iron, calcium, and lots of other vitamins and minerals as well they are used in many forms … from half-ripe to fully ripe and even as date syrup.

Date harvest (Suh) or as locally known as ‘Jidad’ of Date Palms is a social event participated by all members of the family. They separate good quality dates and store it for consumption, for gifting or selling in the local markets and export to foreign markets.

In each region of the country the harvesting and the associated procurement of the priced fruit have traditional variations.

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