We Love Oman: Jabal Samhan is one of the major mountain ranges of Dhofar

Jabal Samhan, is one of the highest mountain ranges in Oman with its peak at 2,100 metres. The deserted plateau at the summit is punctuated by a solitary yucca tree. At this elevation, only plants native to semi-arid climates can be found. It is one of the major mountain ranges of Dhofar, whose highest peak reaches 2,100 metres and has many levels that are traversed by deep and narrow mountain passes, some of which are up to a thousand feet deep. On the plain of Jabal Samhan different plant species such as acacia and frankincense trees grow.

The Jabal Samhan Nature Reserve in the Dhofar region of the Sultanate of Oman encompasses a track of limestone highlands, rising steeply from the coastal plain and sloping more gently towards the north. The Jabal, or mountain, has a 1,500 m escarpment which overlooks the Zalawt foothills and the plain of the Mirbat – Sadh peninsula. Jabal Samhan Nature Reserve consists of an array of barren, scalloped peaks separated by deep wadis and canyons,” ESO went on to say. “These deep wadis contain rare and unique plants such as Caralluma and Anogeissus dhofarica. Most of the wadis contain water pools where the rare wild animals like the leopard, ibex, gazelle, striped hyena, foxes and wolves come to drink.

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