We Love Oman: Masirah Island

Masirah Island in the Governorate of South A’Sharqiyah is a popular tourist destination. Known for kite-surfing, bird-watching, the uninhabited beaches, the magnificent sea views and rugged terrains, Masirah draws visitors throughout the year. The beaches  are home to  sea turtles. The tourists are attracted mostly by the turtles scattered along the beaches of Masirah.

Masirah hosts the world’s largest population of Loggerhead sea turtles and Green turtles. One can also go off-roads to explore the rocky terrains and jagged mountains. On the east side of Barr Al Hikman, the island is hilly and Jabal Madrub mountain is in the north end of the island.  The beaches are ideal for camping.

One of the famous tourist landmarks on the island is the Marsis Old Fort, which is a witness to the history of the wilayat since olden times. The fort is located in the village of  Marsis, and it is one of the most important forts on the island. An important monument on the island is the Islamic cemetery, which is located in the village of  Safaij.

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