What was the cause of sudden electricity outage in Oman?

MUSCAT: The major power outage in the country on Monday was due to the sudden exit of a high-voltage line between Ibri and Nahaida stations, the Nama Group said in the initial evaluation report.

“The interruption was due to the exit of a high-voltage line between Ibri and Nahaida stations as a result of a defect in the control and communication systems of that station, which automatically activated the self-protection system, and caused the line to go out of service to protect the line from damage,” Nama Group said on Wednesday.

“The exit of this line was followed by an automatic exit of other lines and power stations that protect them from any damage, which in turn led to power cuts in several governorates . As a result of the proper exit of the electrical system components, the Oman Electricity Transmission Company and the electricity distribution companies were able to restart the network and restore the electricity in a record time,” Nama Group added.

Airport operations were partially affected, traffic signals failed causing huge traffic hurdles in Muscat, while many shops were forced to close due to the power outage. Internet and mobile phone services were also disrupted in many places forcing people to leave home early from work.

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