Over 4,800 fishing violations issued in Oman

Muscat – Authorities confiscated 4,177 items, including boats, engines, nets, and expatriate workers involved in illegal fishing. Additionally, a total of 24,398.3 kilograms of fish were seized during these operations.

Statistics revealed that the majority of violations pertained to fishing activities conducted outside designated seasons, including 79 violations related to charkha and 21 shrimp.

The largest category involved operating without proper licenses, registering 2,672 violations; use of illegal fishing gear and equipment accounted for 608 violations. Additional violations included fishing in prohibited areas, employing unlicensed workers, and failing to display proper identification on vessels.
As part of the enforcement efforts, 98 boats and ships, 91 engines, 150 pieces of equipment, 3,340 nets, 78 cages, and 420 expatriate workers were seized. Additionally, substantial quantities of confiscated fish, shrimp, charkha, and tinfoil were reported, along with various other items.

These stringent measures underscore the Ministry’s commitment to conserving fish resources and ensuring their sustainable exploitation. By enforcing regulations and laws governing fishing activities, the Ministry aims to foster responsible and legal practices in marine resource management.

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